Are you getting enough fibre?

90% of the UK don't eat enough Fibre

In the realm of health and nutrition, one alarming statistic stands out—90% of adults in the UK do not consume enough fibre. This deficiency has significant implications, from increased risk of heart disease to digestive discomforts*

Biotiful Gut Health Meal Boosters offer a delicious and easy way to boost your fibre intake.

Modern Diets are not enough

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Perfect addition to my morning porridge and smoothies. This has added a lot of fibre and vitamins into my diet without much effort! I can’t wait to start putting it on other meals.

C.M (Verified Buyer)

Absolutely delicious! Coconut Blend is definitively my favourite from the Biotiful meal boosters range. Tastes amazing sprinkled over porridge or mixed with natural yogurt. Nutritious and healthy, high in fibre, low in calories - ideal way to improve energy levels and immunity. Excellent quality, would strongly recommend.

Joanna D. (Verified Buyer)