Are you eating enough fibre?

Our Meal Boosters are:
✅ High in Prebiotic Fibre
✅ 34 Billion Probiotic cultures
✅ Reduce IBS & Bloating 1

Feel Better Inside and Out

Pack 34 Billion Live Cultures into Your Meals!

What makes them so good?

Billions of Live Cultures

Packed with gut-friendly microbes from 6 unique strains of probiotic cultures - 34 billion of them in fact!


Helps reduce tiredness, support your immune system and normal cognitive function

Prebiotic Fibre

Contributing to normal bowel
function to help keep your digestive system healthy

Versatile & Delicious

The fruits, seeds and spices we use are combined to create versatile and delicious blends which can be added to elevate your everyday meals


Tasty and gut friendly, a winner!

I have enjoyed mixing this with porridge and yoghurt each morning, and i honestly feel like my gut has benefitted.


Quick, easy and healthly upgrade for my shakes

I ordered the combo to try different flavours. They came very quickly and became a staple of my daily morning shakes. They are easy to mix even with a spoon and taste great. Resealable pouches are easy to store and transport - I'll be taking them with me on holiday to keep the prebiotics at a steady level. I hope in the future there will be more flavours introduced.


Excellent Product

I have been using the cacao blend and the Berry blend for the past few days and I love it. I add it to my overnight oats and my tummy is feeling less bloated. I purchased the 3 blends and have yet to try the coconut one but I'm in no doubt it will be just as delicious as the other two.



Love these. Ordered the berry one, really tasty. I added to my morning smoothie. Always looking for convenient healthy things like this with no nasties that I can add in, makes it easier to get in the good stuff. Really good idea, will be buying more.



The best live culture powder I've ever had really does work and feel healthier for it,so buy some 😁

Clifford Lee

Gut Help

Yes it is good and has helped with my gastric problems

Hilary Yard

Benefits of Meal Booster Blends

Supports a balanced microbiome

Increases quantity and diversity of beneficial bacteria in your gut

Supports the normal function of the digestive and immune system

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between your gut and the rest of your body?

One of the main ways your body connects with the outside world is through your gut. Everything you put in your body - food, fuel or your favourite comfort food, has an impact on your body because of your gut.

Whether it’s something sugary giving you a burst of energy or something full of fibre to keep you going throughout the day, the choices you make when it comes to food matter due to the effect they have on your gut’s microbiome, and the influence it has on your overall health. 

An unhealthy gut is commonly known to cause bloating, soreness and nausea, but it can also cause you to have trouble sleeping, fatigue and migraines.

If you look after your gut, your gut will look after you - in more ways than you may think!

What are the benefits of supporting your gut health everyday?

It’s a lot easier to keep your car in good condition than to run it into the ground until it stutters and stalls. Keeping your oil topped up and your tyres pumped are both things you can do regularly, and can prevent bigger issues which need bigger resolutions down the road. 

The same goes for your gut. Keeping your gut healthy means it can always get the most from the nutrients you provide it with. Maintaining your gut health is all about balance - both of your meals and your gut’s microbiome. 

Eating unprocessed, fresh foods everyday provides your gut with valuable nutrients. Live cultures, found in fermented foods such as kefir, can provide balance to the many types of microbes in your gut.

Studies suggest high fibre and daily exercise support digestion, lessening symptoms like bloating, inflammation and nausea

Live cultures and bacteria produced by your gut when you exercise support natural balance of the gut microbiome, promoting normal immune system and cognitive function

How can Biotiful Meal Booster Blends improve your health?

High fibre supports digestion 

Vitamins B12 and B5 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Our Biotiful Meal Booster Blends are tasty boosts which can be added to your breakfast, lunch, snacks and smoothies. Each of our blends is built for a specific purpose, such as maintaining focus, energy or immunity, but all of them have the same gut-supporting properties. 

Adding a Biotiful Meal Booster Blend to your food daily supports the balance of your gut’s microbiome, allowing it to digest and absorb important nutrients more efficiently for use in many processes around your body.