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#1 Kefir brand in the UK

Who are we?

We are Biotiful Gut Health, the #1 Kefir brand in the UK. We’re on a mission to provide naturally delicious gut health foods for every family, everyday.

We’ve created a tasty range of Gut Health Blends for you to enjoy sprinkled atop overnight oats, silky smoothies or yummy yoghurts - whatever your heart desires. Each unique blend comes with its own natural health benefits so you can get on with your day, knowing your body is being cared for.

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What is a Biotiful Gut Health Blend?

Each of our unique blends are made with carefully selected, responsibly sourced, natural ingredients which are - above all else - delicious. The fruits, seeds and spices we use are combined to create versatile blends which can be added to meals you already eat everyday.

These yummy ingredients don’t just provide our blends with a variety of flavours, but with a variety of benefits too!

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Nurturing one part of your body, like your gut, creates an impact which ripples throughout the rest of you. The same goes for our planet. 

At Biotiful Gut Health, we believe that being kind to our world means weaving sustainability into our every process. We use natural ingredients sourced responsibly, and the gut-friendly products we create come to you with no added sugar and recyclable packaging. 

Visit the sustainability page on our website.


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